Founded in early 2008 by a young and enterprising team from other companies, RDS (Renovables y Desarrollos del Sureste) began with the installation of photovoltaic solar energy facilities. To enable greater efficiency in our aim, we decided to complement our work with our own technical support, which saw the birth of Solaba Engineers, a highly qualified and specialized team, which allows for greater capacity and more dynamism.


Legislative change in late 2008 and subsequent paralysis meant that a considerable adjustment was needed to achieve cost reduction and to maintain the facilities’ viability. That led us to extend our performance related services, therefore creating Gesrenova, a group which specializes in providing management and processing services, as well as maintenance and the repair of facilities.


This allows us to adapt and to be more versatile in all phases of production, implementation and operations of photovoltaic projects, from the design, installation, maintenance, to the delivery of photovoltaic solar "turnkeys". Having full knowledge of the systems along with the continuous updating and detailed control of the process, we are able to get maximum return on our premises.


With the idea of passing on this maximum return to our customers, we formed Quelonio Solar, dedicated to the marketing and promotion of solar photovoltaic systems. With the creation of the latter company, Grupo RDS achieved great rivalry by operating in all areas of the photovoltaic sector, such as design, development, implementation, marketing, operation and maintenance. This in turn offers an independent global service to meet the specific needs of our clients and customers. Grupo RDS continues to promote a cost effective and clean energy source, with the added value of preserving the environment.


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