Gesrenova’s forte is its efficiency and quality of service to our clients, starting from customer service, dynamism, and the effectiveness and accuracy in our actions. This way, we satisfy clients’ needs by analyzing and adapting ourselves to offer the best solutions.

Within the Grupo RDS we specialize in providing all kinds of services related to photovoltaic solar installations, mainly focusing on:

    • Management and processing services for all types of permits and licenses with different administrations and entities to promptly complete the design, implementation and operation of photovoltaic installations (connection point to the network, land use, project presentation to various administration entities, building licenses, business licenses, administrative authorization, commissioning acts, contracts with the distributor, etc).
    • Global management service for insurance claims on photovoltaic installations, including damage, theft, fires, content replacement, etc.
    • Maintenance, monitoring and repairs of photovoltaic installations:
      • Maintenance and cleaning service.
      • Diagnostics and troubleshooting service for breakdowns.
      • Monitoring, maintenance, overhaul and repair services for all electrical systems, both BT and MT.
      • Maintenance and repair services for structures and all types of attachments and fittings.
      • Protection and surveillance service.
      • Fire prevention.
      • Repair service for civil constructions (pipes, fencing and access, etc).
      • Repair and renovation service for adjoining outbuildings.
      • Maintenance of monitoring and telecommunications.
    • ISD (Immediate Service to Disaster):
      • Directed to insurers, businesses and individuals.
      • The aim is to minimize installation time of the facility to reduce production loss, and to save costs for both insurers and the property.
      • It functions in an instant and simultaneous manner to all pending jobs, for the correct restoration and repair of the facility and its fixtures.
      • Provides a comprehensive and immediate service to our customers to ensure absolute assurance and peace of mind.