RDS (Renovables y desarrollos del sureste)

The Group's parent company believes that their main asset is a hard working team, a team which is aware of the importance of every detail when developing a project, a team which makes consistent evaluations throughout each phase of their work, as well as maintaining continuous contact and support with the corporate group. It is essential to take all the details of the process into account for an effective installation and operation of the facility.


We also have the support of the leading brands in the sector. All of this makes us a leader in photovoltaic installations. RDS principally focuses on the following areas:


    • Manufacturing and marketing of structural solutions for the development of solar energy projects, both photovoltaic and thermal.


    • Built-in assembly and installation of photovoltaic modules.


    • The carrying out of civil constructions involving soil conditioning, piping, fencing, access, paving, etc).


    • Complete assembly of electrical equipment systems, from the module connection to the network connection.


    • Marketing of photovoltaic modules and related components (we work with leading brands in the sector).


    • Creating photovoltaic solar energy facilities with a “turnkey" device.