We are a company that specializes in providing all kinds of services related to photovoltaic solar installations in both ceilings and floors.


Step by step installation

Layout and collection of materials

Assembly and set-up support

Distribution and positioning of the solar panels

Cleaning and connection

Structure of photovoltaic (PV) solar plants

The objectives of the design, development and construction of this solar plant in a soil location have been:

  • Low buildup of dirt on the PV panels.
  • Reduced cost of the structure due to material savings. *
  • Increased durability expectance due to the quality of materials.
  • Speed in the assembly of the construction.
  • Pilot on virgin soil or a concreted base, (depending on the geotechnical soil analysis).
  • Adjustable structure based on PV modules measurements.

* Compared to a typical structure on ground.

Basic configuration of a three-support structure:

Module Distribution:

Number of rows: 2

Number of columns: 9

Global module measurements:

L= 7,645 m

B= 2,744

H= 2,13 m

Number of supports = 3

Light between supports = 2,55 m

Tilt of the modules ß= 30º

Three-support structure

Four-support structure

Module Distribution:

Number of rows: 2

Number of columns: 12 *

Global module measurements:

Number of supports = 4

Light between supports = 2,68 m *

Tilt of the modules ß= 30º

* Adjustable to the photovoltaic module dimensions.

Material testing

Chemical analysis and characterisation

  • S315MC steel meets UNE EN 10149 standards.
  • Hot rolled flat products of high yield strength steel for cold forming.

Test traction

  • Metal material meets UNE EN 10002-1 standards
  • Maximum strength: 55,38 kN.
  • Traction resistance Rm: 450,2 N/mm2
  • Reh ductile resistance: 450,2 N/mm2
  • Elongation %: 35,645.

Surface hardness

  • HRB mean hardness: 73,4.

Coating thickness

  • Measured to UNE EN ISO 2178:96 standards.
  • Average: 92.6 microns.
  • Average: 1304.5 g/m2.

Metallographic test curve profile

  • No signs of deformation or cracks in the curved areas of the sample.

Salt spray corrosion test

  • Measured with 112-017-92/ISO UNE 9227:90 standards.
  • 168 hours of testing.
  • Galvanized and non-galvanized samples.


Structure Elements

The hardware to assemble the various elements will be type A2 stainless steel.

Manufacturing Structure

The elements which are made of aluminum (lintel, strap and buttress) are produced in the Aluminum Industrial Development plant.

AENOR quality certificate on the production and lacquering of aluminium extrusions (ER-0521/2002 - ISO 9001).

Line of extruded aluminium 6060 profiles in the Aluminum Industrial Development plant.

Hinca Production

The elements made of high-index elastic stainless steel S-315, are produced in the manufacturing plant of the company.

This includes a steel folding and configuration process that guarantees excellent traits/ characteristics to last for at least 25 years in which the structure is guaranteed.

It must meet rigorous quality standards, such as the Iron and Steel Court Processing standard; ISO 9001.

Steel folding line for the hinca production.


Global Management for insurance claims

  • We perform all kinds of paperwork with your insurer to avoid any mishaps. Whether due to some kind of harm or damage, theft, fire, or replacement of material, we handle everything.

ISD Service (Immediate Service to Disaster)

  • Directed to insurers, businesses and individuals.
  • The aim is to minimize installation time of the facility to reduce production loss and to save costs for both insurers and the property.
  • It functions in an instant and simultaneous manner to all pending jobs, for the correct restoration and repair of the facility and its fixtures. This service is implemented from the moment the problem/ damage is assessed, during the insurers’ processing stage, the engineer reports up until the repair or replacement of all the faulty or broken components, including those relating to building or access.
  • Provides a comprehensive and immediate service to our customers to ensure absolute assurance and peace of mind.

Comprehensive service, maintenance and repair checks

  • Maintenance and cleaning service.
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting service for breakdowns
  • Monitoring, maintenance, overhaul and repair services for all electrical systems, both BT and M. T.
  • Maintenance and repair services for structures and all types of attachments and fittings.
  • Protection and surveillance service
  • Repair service for civil constructions (pipes, fencing and access, etc).
  • Repair and renovation service for adjoining outbuildings.
  • Maintenance of monitoring and telecommunications.

Advisory, management and processing service

  • Available for all types of permits and licenses with different administrations and entities to promptly complete the design, implementation and operation of photovoltaic installations (connection point to the network, land use, project presentation to various administration entities, building licenses, business licenses, administrative authorization, commissioning acts, contracts with the distributor, etc).

Technical Support and consulting service

  • Appraisals, engineering approval and verification.
  • Energy audits.
  • Measurements.
  • Calculation and implementations.
  • Implementation of projects.
  • Reconstruction and resizing of photovoltaic installations.
  • Project management.
  • Quality control.