Engineering department

Engineering department

Our Engineering Department has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, specialized in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic plants.

The adopted commitment with sustainability is total, being our goal to bring solar energy to companies and individuals.

Our technical team claims to be a pioneer in the photovoltaic self-supply field in the Región de Murcia, Grupo RDS was the first Murcian company to fully develop (study, execution, commissioning and legalization with authorities and electric company) a photovoltaic installation of 30 KW (year 2013).

We have in our trajectory with almost 1 MW of power in self-supply projects, fully executed and legalized, since the first regulation that allowed self-consumption (RD 1699/2011), through the adversities and setbacks that led to the approval of the “Sun tax”, until the current regulations (RD 244/2019), with the definitive suppression of this tax and a large part of the previous administrative obstacles.

Evaluation of solar resource and electricity production

Our engineers carefully evaluate and study the viability of each installation:

  • Carrying out studies of the solar resource contrasting international databases and local weather stations.
  • Review of each proposed configuration and distribution of photovoltaic modules to generate production estimates.
  • Performance Ratio Analysis and calculation of energy production with PVSYST software.
  • Estimation of energy production during the life of the plant, taking into account the degradation of the module and variations in solar radiation.

Preliminary design and engineering of project

Our engineers design customized solutions that maximize the performance of each location, by identifying the most suitable technological components, modules, inverters, structures and materials for each project, always working with leading brands and taking geographical location into account.

Execution, commissioning and legalization

All the procedures, documents and constructions necessary for the total realization of the photovoltaic installation are included, as well as its Grid Connection Line or Installations.

Built Projects Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will be carried out by our staff, checking from the electrical protections of the installation, the state of the modules (comparing their current situation with respect to the original project) and the verification of the state of the connections and anchors, to the state of the inverter, changing if necessary the operating materials subject to wear.


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