Project Development Department

Project Development Department

Currently, this department is made up of a large multidisciplinary technical team that continuously collaborates with qualified external staff, which enables a vertical and versatile development of all types of photovoltaic projects.

  • Integral development of high-power photovoltaic projects, both on the ground and on roof. Endorsed by more than 10 years of experience and up to 100 MW in Spain (regulated by RD 661/2007 and RD 1578/2008), 10 MW on solar roof in France and 16 MW in the United Kingdom.


We are currently developing more than 900 MW for different investment groups and energy companies.

It is, as we said, an integral and vertical development of photovoltaic projects "turnkey" mode addressing all its phases:

  • Search for land with the right conditions, as well as negotiation and formalization of the rental / sale contract.
  • Processing and management request connection point with Electricity Distribution Company and Red Eléctrica.
  • Development of all necessary technical documentation.
  • Processing and administrative management obtaining the necessary permits, until Rtb phase
  • Execution and commissioning.

Along these lines, RDS Group, and in particular our project development department, is in a phase of continuous growth thanks to the development of a solid, profitable integrated long-term business model that offers flexibility to create value throughout of the whole cycle.


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