Renovables y Desarrollos del Sureste


Founded in late 2007 by a group of young people and entrepreneurs, from other companies in the sector, began RDS (Renovables y Desarrollos del Sureste, S.L.) with the assembly of photovoltaic solar energy projects. To develop greater efficiency in our work, we decided to complement our activity with our own technical support. Our team of highly qualified and specialized engineers, thus allowing us to provide greater capacity and dynamism.

The legislative change of the end of 2008 and the subsequent stoppage of the sector (2013), necessitates a great readjustment to obtain a reduction of costs and maintain the viability of the PV installations, which leads us to extend our action to related services, such as, the provision of comprehensive management and processing services, in addition to maintenance and repair of Installations.

All this allows us to develop with great adaptability and greater versatility in all phases of execution and exploitation of photovoltaic projects, since the design, assembly or maintenance, to the delivery of "turnkey" photovoltaic solar installations. With the total knowledge of the systems, the continuous updating and the detailed control of the processes, we get the maximum profitability in our projects, and offer our customers the most innovative and competitive products in the market.

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