Photovoltaic installations at service stations and petrol stations

Over the last 10 years, a multitude of petrol and gas stations have become home to photovoltaic installations that help these companies maximize their profitability. This has led to major oil and gas multinationals setting their sights on implementing PV installations at fuel stations around the world.

This clearly indicates that petrol stations are increasingly becoming a meeting point between fossil fuels and renewable energies.

In this post we will go through the key aspects of why photovoltaics should be added to this type of business. Read on and don’t miss a thing!

Solar energy reduces electricity costs

Electricity bills can be very costly for service stations, especially those that include shops. In fact, running multiple freezers, refrigerators and lighting 24 hours a day can cost thousands of euros each month. The implementation of photovoltaic panels and the free use of the sun’s energy translates into huge savings.

State subsidies and grants make the installation of photovoltaic systems in companies especially affordable. Local and national tax subsidies for solar energy can reduce costs by at least half, and even more in some cases.

Considering the high monthly electricity costs at service stations and the decreasing investment costs for solar energy, the payback period can be quite fast. A photovoltaic installation could pay for itself within a few years. After that, it is pure profit for the petrol station owner.

Gas stations are suitable for solar installations

The average petrol station has shade structures over the fuel pumps, and these canopies are ideal for installing photovoltaic panels.

In many petrol stations, these canopies are quite large, allowing for the installation of a large number of solar panels. In addition, petrol station canopies typically have few shading issues that would affect PV production.

Future-proofing petrol stations with solar energy

Electricity costs have been rising for decades, and there is little reason to believe that this will change. By installing a solar energy production system, a gas station can secure long-term energy savings that can act as a buffer against rising electricity sector tariffs.

Service stations with photovoltaic panels are wisely preparing for the future. Every year, more electric vehicles hit the road, which means that consumers have an increasing need for charging stations.

Adopting solar power now is a valuable step in adapting a traditional filling station to one that can provide both petrol and electric vehicle charging stations.

Solar energy is a good investment for service stations, as well as for a wide variety of other businesses. To find out how your business can benefit from solar power, contact RDS and trust us to be your expert in solar power installations for businesses.