The off-grid solar kit as a solution to electricity supply problems

If you are thinking of setting up a business or you have already started one, surely one of the things you are most concerned about is how to save costs without losing the quality of the services provided. One of the best formulas is to find a solution to the high cost of electricity, resorting to self-supply systems with the installation of an isolated solar kit.

If your business, such as a hotel, a rural house, a farm, etc., is located in a more isolated environment, such as in inland villages, perhaps the best alternative is to install off-grid solar panels.

Opting for a system of photovoltaic panels is also one of the best ways to save money while promoting the use of green energies, which are the best allies for a healthier and healthier world.

What is an off-grid solar kit?

These systems are self-supply installations that are directly connected to the solar panels and do not depend at any time on the conventional grid.

Thus, the energy you need will be supplied directly by the solar panels you have installed. In addition, these systems must have solar batteries that allow you to accumulate the surplus energy.

Thanks to these accumulators, on days when the off-grid solar kit cannot perform fully, either because the weather conditions are adverse or because there is not enough solar energy, you will not be left stranded because this lack of supply will be backed up by the reserves of the solar batteries.

In this way, the business or home is guaranteed not to run out of electricity when there is a problem, preventing supply problems.

Advantages of off-grid installations

If you are thinking of using these off-grid photovoltaic systems and want to know what the advantages of having them installed are, you should know that there are countless advantages. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • Savings on electricity bills. Photovoltaic energy systems can help companies and homes to make significant cost savings. Different studies suggest that annual savings can be around 35%.
  • Rapid payback. Solar panels have a useful life of around 25 years -although this can vary depending on various factors, such as the quality of the contract or environmental factors-, however, according to studies by the Organisation of Consumers and Users, you can have it paid off in approximately eight years.
  • You will not be dependent on the marketers. As you are completely autonomous in terms of electricity dependence, you will not be tied to the marketers at any time, so you will not have to put up with the tariff or contractual changes that are being experienced lately.
  • You help the environment. Solar energy is a clean energy, so in order to obtain it you will not be polluting in the same way as other types of conventional energy.
  • Tax incentives. The different Public Administrations are making efforts to encourage companies and consumers to use clean energies, such as solar energy. To this end, they are approving financial aid for the installation of these systems.

What do I need to install off-grid solar panels?

Before installing an off-grid solar kit it is necessary to meet some prerequisites, so that you can find out which one is best suited to your needs:

  • What type of devices and appliances you have and the total power.
  • How long they are going to be on for approximately. In this sense, one of the things that can be useful and which is also energy efficient is to use programmers.
  • Type of business or home where it is going to be installed and how it is going to be used.
  • Situation and location with respect to the sun to calculate how many hours of exposure you can have.

Finally, bear in mind that when we talk about installing an off-grid solar kit, it is not the same as ordinary solar panels, as these are connected to the electricity grid, although the main consumption really comes from the photovoltaic panels.

Off-grid kits are of particular interest to those businesses or homes that often have problems accessing conventional electricity or want to do without it altogether.

If you are finally interested in installing an off-grid solar kit, at Grupo RDS we are experts in the development of photovoltaic projects and installation of equipment. Our experts will advise you on everything you need and will guide you to obtain the solar energy installation that suits you best.