Frequently asked questions about solar energy

Today, solar energy is an excellent alternative, the investment is getting lower and the electricity savings are getting higher. Both for households that are not connected to the grid and would use very expensive fuels or generators, and for households that are connected to the grid and can opt for a solar kit with batteries or a self-supply kit, allowing you to produce electricity for free and reduce your electricity bill.

If you have an isolated house without an electricity connection, you can opt for an autonomous solar kit, with this you will be the master of your own self-generated electricity, storing the energy from the panels to use it through an inverter when needed. Self-supply is for those who already have electricity but would also like to install solar panels to have an extra source of free energy from the sun, saving on the electricity bill.

Yes, the solar panels still working because a significant part of the ultraviolet light is filtered out by the clouds, and a small part in this case of the diffuse light. In these infrequent and sporadic cases, depending on the season, the panels should be calculated to operate at a maximum of 50%.

There are different ways, the quickest, most practical and most used is the aluminium structures, which weigh little and have accessories to fix them to the terrace or roof, for example for tiled roofs, sheet metal roofs, and depending on whether it is a coplanar structure that adapts to the same slope as your roof, or an adjustable solar structure that has angles to adapt the slope to the most effective for the place where it is installed. The adjustable one is used on flat surfaces or low slope roofs. It has fasteners to hold the panels in place, and then a polyurethane sealant or adhesive already incorporated in the kits is used to seal the fasteners to the roof to ensure that there is never any water ingress.

No, it is sufficient to wet the surface of the glass with water once a year, e.g. with a garden hose (twice a year in areas with very little rain) to remove dirt from bird droppings, branches or leaves from nearby trees.

Yes, the solar kits integrate the multi-equipment solar system, this device also has a battery charger whose function is to be able to connect an electric generator as an optional external energy source if required.

Without a doubt, irrigating your farm with water extracted from the well is the best investment with a solar water pump, because the pump will always work directly with the energy from the solar panels, and as these pumps work progressively, they will start working in the early hours of the morning and will offer their maximum power in the middle of the day, precisely when this water is most needed for irrigation. This way, you get the most out of its efficiency.

Our kits are very easy to install because we include the Monta Fácil pre-installation with which we assemble most of the components of the kit so that the final customer, without needing to have any knowledge of electricity, only has to connect the input and output sockets already prepared. And start up the kit and start producing electricity quickly.