The Agrivoltaics

According to the results of a study carried out by Oregon State University (USA), agro-voltaic systems could be considered the future of solar parks.

The aim is to combine agricultural cultivation with the installation of solar panels on the same piece of land, allowing an acceptable yield for each activity and making the most of the available land.

This agri-political vision offers the opportunity for profitable synergies.

  • More food, as it could be grown in areas where previously only solar panels would have been allowed.
  • More energy, conversely to the previous point, agricultural fields could be used to produce electricity.
  • Lower water demand, due to an effect of the existence of solar panels.
  • Less carbon emissions, an effect derived from replacing polluting or non-renewable energies with solar energy.
  • Increase in the number of jobs, as two different activities would be carried out in the same space.