Self-consumption for companies in Murcia: Save on energy for your company

Photovoltaic solar self-consumption offers numerous benefits for companies in Murcia. It allows you to reduce costs and have price stability, contributes to environmental sustainability and generates significant savings on your electricity bill. At RDS we offer a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ service, which includes file processing, installation and maintenance. It also provides a monitoring system for complete tracking. Their work process includes a detailed study of consumption, custom design and license management. In addition, they offer a free photovoltaic study and have a team of specialized engineers.

Benefits of photovoltaic solar self-consumption for companies in Murcia

Reduction of energy costs and price stability

Photovoltaic solar self-consumption offers companies in Murcia the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and have greater price stability. By generating their own energy from solar panels, companies reduce their dependence on energy suppliers and avoid fluctuations in electricity market prices. This gives them greater control over their energy expenses and the ability to plan for the long term.

Contribution to environmental sustainability

Photovoltaic solar self-consumption not only benefits companies economically, but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By using renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help stop climate change. This allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint and meet social and environmental responsibility objectives.

Significant savings on the electricity bill

One of the most notable advantages of photovoltaic solar self-consumption for companies in Murcia is the significant savings on the electricity bill. By generating their own power, businesses can reduce or even completely eliminate the cost of electricity. This represents significant economic relief and allows them to allocate those resources to other areas of their business or future investments. In addition, the savings on the electricity bill are reflected immediately, which has a positive impact on the company’s profitability.

Comprehensive turnkey service from RDS

RDS offers a complete and personalized service in the field of photovoltaic solar self-consumption for companies in Murcia. Its ‘turnkey’ approach covers all stages of the process, from the processing of the file and the drafting of the project to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the facility.

Processing of the file and drafting of the project

The RDS team takes care of all the bureaucratic procedures necessary to obtain the licenses and permits required for the installation of the photovoltaic system. In addition, write the project taking into account the specific needs of each client and complying with all current regulations.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance

Once the licenses have been obtained, RDS professionals install the solar panels and the equipment necessary for self-consumption. They ensure that safety and hygiene standards are followed at all times. Subsequently, they carry out the start-up of the system and carry out the necessary tests to guarantee its correct functioning. In addition, they offer an annual maintenance service to ensure optimal performance of the installation.

Operation monitoring and tracking system

RDS provides a monitoring system that allows companies to know in real time the installation’s energy production, energy consumption and savings obtained. Through monthly executive reports, customers can closely monitor the performance of their installation and make informed decisions to optimize their energy consumption.

Work process in photovoltaic self-consumption projects for RDS companies in Murcia

At RDS, we are committed to offering a comprehensive and personalized service in the work process for the implementation of photovoltaic solar self-consumption systems for companies in Murcia. Below, we detail the steps we follow in each project:

Detailed study of consumption and consumption profile

We carry out an exhaustive analysis of the company’s current energy consumption, as well as its consumption profile. This allows us to understand the specific needs and energy use patterns of each client.

Custom project design

Based on the data obtained in the analysis, we design a personalized project that adjusts to the energy needs of the company. We take into account the consumption curve to determine the optimal size of the photovoltaic installation, thus maximizing efficiency and energy savings.

Feasibility study and amortization of the investment

We carry out an economic feasibility study of the investment, taking into account the expected savings on the electricity bill and maintenance costs. In this way, we can determine the payback time and evaluate the economic benefits that the company will obtain through solar self-consumption.

Licensing and permissions management

We take care of all the necessary procedures to obtain the licenses and permits required for the installation of the photovoltaic self-consumption system. We comply with all current standards and regulations to guarantee the legality and safety of the installation.

Installation and review of the electric bill

We carry out the installation of the photovoltaic solar system in the company’s facilities, always prioritizing safety and hygiene during the work. Once the installation is complete, we carry out a review of the electricity bill to optimize it and ensure that the company takes full advantage of the benefits of solar self-consumption.

Remote monitoring and maintenance

To ensure the correct functioning of the solar self-consumption system, we implement a daily monitoring system that allows us to know the installation’s production and energy consumption at all times. In addition, we carry out in-person maintenance to guarantee the durability and efficiency of the system over time.

At RDS, our priority is to provide a complete and quality service, accompanying companies in all stages of the implementation process of photovoltaic solar self-consumption. We make our technical knowledge and experience available to our clients to guarantee the success and benefits of this sustainable and profitable energy solution.

Photovoltaic study and RDS experience

At RDS, we offer companies in Murcia a photovoltaic study to evaluate their energy needs and design the best solution in terms of photovoltaic solar self-consumption. Our goal is to provide each customer with an optimal design that suits their energy consumption and maximizes installation performance.

Analysis of energy consumption and optimal design

We carry out a detailed analysis of the energy consumption of each company, taking into account its profile and specific needs. With this data, we design a custom installation that optimizes solar energy production and maximizes electricity savings.

Team of engineers specialized in photovoltaic solar self-consumption

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic solar self-consumption. We are at the forefront of the latest technologies and trends in the sector, which allows us to offer innovative and efficient solutions to our clients. We work with top quality brands in solar modules and inverters, to guarantee the reliability and performance of each installation.