RDS becomes a CO2 neutral company

In recent years, the words “climate change” have become louder and louder, and the consequences of this are becoming more and more visible and irreparable.

At RDS we would like to announce that, after completing a first phase where we know our Carbon Footprint generated, that is, the magnitude of the greenhouse gases (GHG) we emit. We have managed to offset the 68 tons of CO2 generated during the last 4 years (2018-2021) by supporting “Galicia Rexenera” and its projects of native reforestation of burned areas in natural areas of great environmental value.

For more information on the “Galicia Rexenera” project click on the following link:


With this initiative, RDS neutralises its carbon footprint and voluntarily minimises the impact of its activity on the environment by offsetting the carbon dioxide it may emit into the atmosphere to help curb global warming as far as possible. Thus becoming a carbon neutral company, ahead of the European regulations of 2050 in which companies will have the obligation to have a neutral footprint.

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