Solar panels in the food industry: great allies

The food sector can find a great present and future ally in photovoltaic energy. The use of solar panels in the food industry is increasingly present because it allows energy to be obtained in a much more efficient and environmentally friendly way, which represents a great value.

The rise of photovoltaic installations and the use of renewable energy is becoming increasingly evident. In fact, according to Solar Power Europe an award-winning organisation that mediates between politicians and the solar photovoltaic value chain, with more than 280 companies represented – the amount of photovoltaic energy forecast for this year will be 39 gigawatts (GW), which is 12 GW more than in 2021, and nearly 200 GW are planned worldwide.

Decarbonising the planet

The food industry in the Region of Murcia has always been very sensitive and concerned about environmental protection. It is no coincidence that their main raw material, the food they produce, will be directly affected by the situation of the places where they are located. If the soil or water contains any harmful product or element, these remains will be passed on to vegetables, fruit, fish or in the pasture that animals eat and, finally, they will appear on our plates, which means that we humans will be contaminating ourselves with these products.

For this reason, the food sector has always looked for alternatives to ensure that its products are the healthiest and of the highest quality standards. And here, the use of photovoltaic systems is a great alternative to the traditional reliance on polluting energies.

The increased demand for photovoltaic energy also helps to combat the decarbonisation of the planet. This will make agri-food products much healthier, combat climate change and prevent a worsening of the ozone hole.

This is one of the main objectives of the European Commission and the different governments, which seek to ensure that together we all have a planet in which to live much better. In fact, in order to achieve this, more and more aid is being provided to promote green energies.

Greater efficiency in food processes

It goes without saying that the Region of Murcia is one of the major European powers in the food sector. For this reason, the installation of solar panels in the food industry in Murcia will allow companies to be more efficient.

Among the benefits of using photovoltaic energy are that it is much more stable and is not as sensitive to losses caused by voltage changes or problems with the electricity grid from time to time, especially when there is a higher demand.

Food companies cannot afford to ignore these power supply problems, as they can affect the refrigeration systems and chambers where they store their products before they are shipped to their recipients. Keeping them at the highest quality is vital to offer the best fresh products without losing any of their properties and to avoid affecting their preservation.

For this reason, the installation of solar panels in the warehouses and facilities is a great ally.

Stable budgets

In recent months, with the energy crisis in Europe, energy prices have been rising steadily. Lo peor es que ni siquiera es posible establecer una estimación a una semana vista de cuánto puede seguir aumentando, ya que sube día a día. In fact, according to Cepyme, the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the costs of higher electricity prices for SMEs increased by 24.4% in the second quarter of the year.

The use of self-supply and the installation of solar panels in the food industry in Murcia will make it possible to better control these prices. In this way, the estimate of the budgets that are made can be much more realistic, as they will not depend on the almost daily variation of the value of energy.

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